This part of my life began when my very sick partner was diagnosed with Celiac. Even the slightest exposure to gluten can make him very ill for several days, so I have pursued gluten-free options with thorough aggression. In the U.S. a recent surge of gluten awareness means we have more choices than ever, but it still means hunting and analyzing and tracking down parent companies. After several years now of doing so, I want to share my tricks and tips with others who are still struggling.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gluten Free Featured Resource: Simply Gluten-Free

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Simply Gluten-Free

This recipe and informational website is the source of my all-time favorite gluten-free recipe.  The author has actually found a way to successfully bake gluten-free french bread!  It is crusty and chewy and everything I've always loved in wheat-based french bread.  It is our go-to bread at home, when we have bread at all.  It makes a perfect toasted french dip sandwich, and this past Thanksgiving I actually managed gluten-free stuffing that only needed a little extra liquid to be perfect (add another 1/2 cup of broth when using GF bread for baked stuffing). 

My other favorite on this site is the gluten-free pie crust.  We used it for pumpkin pie this Christmas, and it was as flaky and tasty as the pie crust I grew up with.  It is rather delicate and hard to handle.  I recommend rolling it between layers of wax paper or parchment.  Peel off the top layer, flip the crust into the pie pan, shape it, then peel off the other layer.  This will help keep it somewhat intact (but be prepared to have to pinch and mend a little). 

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