This part of my life began when my very sick partner was diagnosed with Celiac. Even the slightest exposure to gluten can make him very ill for several days, so I have pursued gluten-free options with thorough aggression. In the U.S. a recent surge of gluten awareness means we have more choices than ever, but it still means hunting and analyzing and tracking down parent companies. After several years now of doing so, I want to share my tricks and tips with others who are still struggling.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gluten-Free Featured Resource: GiG Restaurant Finder

The Gluten Intolerance Group operates The Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program, a restaurant certification program for gluten-free dining.  Their website has a finder for their participating restaurants that lists participating restaurants by state or within a radius from a zip code.

The participating restaurants are guided through the process of setting up a gluten-free facility by GiG, including how to set up the kitchen and train staff to avoid cross-contamination.  The GiG also does spot audits of participating restaurants to ensure compliance.  Of course, nothing is an absolute guarantee when you're at the mercy of someone else's kitchen in a non-dedicated facility, but these should be at least a safer bet than the "gluten-free friendly" tag on Urban Spoon.

You can learn more about their program and what they require from the restaurant by clicking on their FAQ under Site Resources near the bottom of the screen. 

*I have no economic relationship with the resources I review and receive no compensation

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