This part of my life began when my very sick partner was diagnosed with Celiac. Even the slightest exposure to gluten can make him very ill for several days, so I have pursued gluten-free options with thorough aggression. In the U.S. a recent surge of gluten awareness means we have more choices than ever, but it still means hunting and analyzing and tracking down parent companies. After several years now of doing so, I want to share my tricks and tips with others who are still struggling.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Jicama: A Crunchy, Gluten-Free Snack

Jicama is a satisfying crunchy snack that is starchy enough to satisfy a craving for chips or toast.  It has a texture close to a crisp apple, but a flavor that is bland and slightly sweet with a spicy, earthy edge and so goes well with strong flavors. 

To prepare:
Cut the peel from the jicama.
Slice into carrot-stick size portions (approx 1/4" to 1/2" thick by 3" to 4" long)
sprinkle liberally with lime juice
sprinkle lightly with sea salt
sprinkle moderately with chili powder

If you want to combine flavors on a veggie platter, jicama pairs well with cucumbers, carrots, and (odd as it sounds) watermelon or mango.

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